TCREA’s independent realtors work with their managed Multiple Listing System (MLS) • Buyers can view and purchase any property in the MLS system through any TCREA agent • TCREA agents take pride in knowledge, ethics and honesty, participating in ongoing training

As with any professional association, Turks & Caicos Real Estate Association members go through an extensive training program and must pass a final exam prior to being considered a full member. We also strive to offer on-going training to keep members abreast of new laws, changes in ordinances and updates on real estate. We are pro-active to enable us to serve our customers and clients to the best of our ability, giving true facts and figures on not only real estate but also the Turks & Caicos.

Our members have a Code of Ethics and TCREA Rules and Regulations that they agree to follow in writing at the time of their acceptance. We are professional in showing you all properties so you can make an educated decision on what is best for your needs; we do not waste your or our valuable time in showing unsuitable properties. TCREA is proud of our standing in the community knowing we all work for our clients and customers with respect and integrity.

Save time, keep it simple; choose knowledge, integrity and service . . . Work with professionals from the Turks & Caicos Real Estate Association (TCREA)